Avoiding A Smoking Relapse: Tips and Tricks to Stay Smoke-Free

You’ve completed the switch to vaping and have said goodbye to cigarettes.  Hooray! But how do you make sure this time it’s for keeps?  Most smokers attempt quitting cigarettes many times.  Regardless of the method used, in quitting, experiencing a relapse is more common than some might think.  We’re here to give you a few tips and tricks to keep you off cigarettes.

Sources of Withdrawal

              First, we need to identify the different aspects of withdrawal.  Understanding this is key to successfully staying off cigarettes.  With vaping, you can simulate the act of smoking and maintain nicotine levels.  It can make quitting cigarettes a less jarring experience.  

Still, people can feel withdrawal when switching from cigarettes to vaping.  The reason is because nicotine is not the only chemical in cigarettes.  While it may be the most addictive, there are still thousands of other chemicals that your body has grown used to processing.  When you switch to vaping, you may be able to substitute the habit and the nicotine, but your body is still going through some withdrawal.  This can even apply to people that have been vaping for a while.

Remember, these cravings are not necessarily permanent.  Eventually, your body should stop craving this chemical cocktail.  Everyone is different and experiences will vary.  It’s just something to keep in mind.  Take a look at the rest of our tips to see what else you can do stay off of cigarettes.

Old Patterns

              Perhaps the easiest way you can help yourself is to avoid smoking areas.  This isn’t always an option.  Cities are jumping on the whole ‘treat vapers like they’re smokers bandwagon’.  You’ve probably noticed getting the same glares that you did when you were smoking.

When you are out in the world, you will most likely be relegated to smoking areas if you want to vape.  A frustrating part of this, is that the second-hand smoke may affect you just the way it would a non-smoker.  It’s tricky but, whenever possible, avoid things that you associate with smoking.  Avoiding smokers and smoking areas may be a part of that.

On that note, something else that can be helpful is to avoid tobacco flavors.  This may sound counterintuitive but one of the things smokers miss about smoking is the flavor.  By not vaping a tobacco flavor, you can treat vaping as something truly new, instead of a facsimile of something you quit.

Upgrade Your Gear

The most common cause we’ve come across, for relapsing into smoking, is dissatisfaction with vape gear.  Most people start with an inexpensive kit.  They’re cheap and chintzy, but for a time they get the job done.  There’s nothing wrong with this.

However, some folks don’t upgrade soon enough.  They start to crave better vapor production and require a MOD that is more durable.  When this stage has been reached, it’s key to upgrade to a device that suits your current vaping needs.  There are plenty of affordable options out there that are just as simple to operate as those beginner set-ups.   

Other vapers enjoy getting more hands on, and try their skills at customization and building their own coils.  Turning vaping into a hobby can help keep it interesting.  By making it an activity, it becomes more engaging and rewarding than smoking.  You might not need to go this far, but don’t wait too long to upgrade or replace a lackluster device.

Set-Up Success

              Make sure you’re always set-up for success.  Have multiple MODs, tanks and flavors available at any given time.  If you get sick of one thing, you can swap it out for something else.  Variety goes a long way in staying successful.  It also ensures you always have a fully charged device at the ready.

              Be sure to keep your vapes tasting good by changing out the coils regularly.  All coils eventually get burnt, clogged and in need of replacement.   That’s why they sell replacement packs.  By replacing these consistently, your ejuice flavor and vapor production will stay optimal.  Keeping vaping an enjoyable experience is key to not relapsing into smoking.

Remembering Milestones

              Never forget how far you’ve come.  It’s fun to use a cigarettes avoided calculator.  Noting how many cigarettes you’ve avoided since quitting matters.  It’s no small thing to kick the habit, and it’s worth taking the time to recognize your efforts.  If you do relapse, don’t get discouraged or beat yourself up.  Try putting some of these best practices into place and see if they help.  As always, the vape community can be very supportive.  Sometimes we just need to encourage each other, to stay on track.