Six Habits for Highly Effective ECig Vaping

Six Habits for Highly Effective ECig Vaping

Maybe you’ve been vaping for a while, or maybe you’re just starting out. Maybe you’ve been vaping for a handful of months, and the ecig puffs are starting to lose their appeal. The goal of vaping is to continue to move forward — never backward!

And a great way to ensure that is to make the whole experience of vaping as smooth and rewarding as possible.

So here are a couple of tips that will help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to vaping.

1. Keep your coil fresh.

There are a few things as awful as taking a hit off of your ecig after your coil has reached its limit. It’s a Top Five Buzzkills moment. A fresh filter is a crucial component of enjoyable vaping. Analogs leave that lingering aftertaste of ash, but that’s the beauty of ecigs — they don’t have to have that (and shouldn’t)!

2. Invest in quality products.

Cigalikes are great when you’re just starting out and aren’t looking to spend a lot of money on an uncertainty. Once you’ve succumbed to the Way of the Vape though, you’re going to want to invest in a higher quality device.

The battery on a cigalike ecig will wear out faster, and the devices themselves just don’t have the capability to last in the long haul for anything other than a casual vaper. The price tags on all the fancy tanks and mods may seem daunting, but you get from it what you pay into it — it’s sort of like karma.

3. Explore eliquid flavors.

“Don’t fix what isn’t broken” is a popular phrase. So is “carpe diem,” and in this industry, we prefer the latter over the former. There is nothing wrong with having a tried and true flavor that you have put on a pedestal; however, there is research that suggests consistently vaping the same flavor will eventually dull your taste buds to it. Besides, variety is the spice of life, as another popular phrase goes. Vaping is a new and ever-growing industry! So have an all-time favorite you dig but also the flexibility to go with the flow and explore the ocean of tantalizing dessert, bakery and tobacco variants that are a delight to puff.

4. Hit the nic just right.

If you vape at a nicotine level higher than needed or what you can tolerate, you won’t have a fun time. Likewise, if you vape at a lower level than needed (or what you’re accustomed to), you won’t get a big enough kick to quench that analog thirst. Finding your nic level is one of the key aspects to a great vaping experience.

5. Maintain your device.

When your cell phone gets too many smudges from grubby fingers, you clean it. When your dishes get dirty, you wash them. Likewise, you’ll want to make sure to regularly clean your ecig and keep the eliquid from building up. This will let your hits stay smooth and enjoyable.

6. Be prepared — stay charged and topped off.

It’s a situation you never want to experience: You’re in the middle of the city, walking to Somewhere, and your ecig dies, or you run out of eliquid. What do you do? If the urge to pull on something is strong enough, you may consider an analog – just once (*horror). R at the very least you will want to let out a string of F words in the middle of the street.

Practicing smart charging habits and keeping your tank full guarantee that you’re always ready for a great vape and don’t add to the long list of vaping challenges that you can’t do much about.

Ecigs and eliquids are your best friend. They keep you from relapsing into a habit that’s a mortal danger to both you and those you love. So start small but smart and keep in mind just these few tips. You’ll find you’re doing way better than if you decide to wing it all the way.

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